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Yellow Brick Road Rescue & Sanctuary
Welcome and thank-you for visiting the Yellow Brick Road Rescue & Sanctuary! 
 Unfortunately, due to time constraints and the excessive influx of dogs since COVID, we are unable to keep up with Website changes or list all dogs in rescue or sanctuary :( 
We do not post dogs on Facebook. 
Please feel free to email us through the contact page if you are looking for a certain type of dog or complete an application. Thank you :)
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2 y/o  Female
Husky Mix
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This Rescue & Sanctuary was founded as a Thank You and Dedication to you,  the forgotten, unwanted, abused, scared, neglected, abandoned dogs whom have made it to our doorsteps, to you who have enriched & changed our lives forever! 
You my furry friends are our best teachers in life!  You have taught us to live in the moment,  do what we need to do and move on. Forgive and let go and appreciate what is in front of us right now.

 This organization goes out to you, those unsung hero's who have been, are here now or who will be a part of our lives in the future. You will live in our hearts forever! We are truly blessed to have been a part of  your life! 
Thank you for visiting! 
1 y/o Female 
Golden Doodle

For more information on any of the adoptable or sanctuary dogs or to request an application please contact us at  
you may also click on the "adoption application" below any dogs name to send an email request 
            4 y/o Female  
              Hound Mix      
3 y/o Male  GSD 

                "Amara "
             1 y/o  Female 
​6 mo male GSD 
4 Month Female

1 y/o Male
Chihuahua mix