• All of our rescued friends are indoor companions.
  • Applicants must be at least 21 years of age.
  • A "home visit" will be done prior to the final adoption of any dog.
  • Our adoption fee is $275.00.  

              Adoption Application &  Requirements

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Yellow Brick Road Rescue & Sanctuary
During the application process we may contact you by phone or e-mail to discuss or clarify information that you provided on your application.  If your application is accepted we will set up an appointment for you to meet the adoptee at your home. We ask that all family members or persons living in the household as well any/all pets be present for the meeting. It is also helpful for any frequent visitors such as children friends or person responsible for caring for the dog  i.e. pet sitter or dog walker to be present. Please check with your home owners insurance to be certain that the breed you are interested in is permissible into your community and that you may add this (potentially adopted) dog onto your policy. If you rent, please have your landlords permission prior to filling out the application and include that information including breed exclusions and size/wt restrictions  with your request. This really helps expedite the process! : )

Please note that an application does not guarantee an adoption.
This process helps us to determine which of our available dogs will be the right fit for you and your family. 

Prior to completing the Application make sure that you and your family have carefully considered the decision to adopt.  Adopting a dog is a meeting of the hearts as well as of the mind. It should also be a realistic decision for your situation. Please consider your current financial, social and environmental circumstances, Realistically do you have the time required to properly exercise (and train) this dog. Also please remember that just because you like the looks of a certain breed that does not mean it is best suited for your family, circumstances or environment. You must consider the dogs inherent genetics, innate behavior and temperament for this to be the best relationship it can be.
       This is a lifetime commitment!! 

If you should have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail.  We have the dog's best interest in mind and we sincerely want this to be a perfect match! That means the right pet to the right family and visa versa. 

If you have specific concerns i.e; is the dog good with children, cats, other dogs etc., please feel free to email those questions prior to completing the application.  
    For your convenience you may copy/paste the application below directly into your email  
 "Adoption Application Request"  

Please put Adoption Application   
in the subject line of the email. 
If you want the application to go to a different email than the one you are sending the request from, please remember to include that address
 in your message.  Thank you :)

You may also Copy & Paste this version of the application into an e-mail & send.
Remember to save the info on this application. If you exit before finishing it will not be saved.

Please Complete ALL of the Following Questions

1-Name of dog you are interested in: 

2-Preference of any dog you are interested in:
(i.e., Age, Gender, Hair Type, Activity Level etc.) 
                    Why are you interested in getting a dog?(companionship, service dog, working breed etc):

3-Your Full Name ( First Middle & Last):
4-Your Current and Previous 3 years Address) :
5-Cell  Phone:                       6-Home Phone:
    Home e-mail: 
7-How long have you lived here:                    

8-Do you own or rent this property?                

9-If Renting please provide Landlord contact information 
for approval of this breed and size dog to live with you.  

10-Employer name and address and phone;
 Work e-mail:
11-Names and date of birth of  ALL of the persons living in your home.
     Do you have Frequent visitors i.e. Grandchildren/neighbors.
     Approximate Ages of frequent visitors: 

12-Do you have a yard?        

13-Is your yard fenced?         

14-If fenced, it is COMPLETELY fenced on all sides, What is the fence height and material please: 

15-Have you owned a dog before?               What breed(s)? 

16-What do you like most and least about having a dog?

17-Do you have other animals living with you now ? And where are they kept?

18-Do you or any of your family members have animal allergies? 

19-Have you ever had to give up an animal? 

When and Why?

20-How many hours per day are you gone?

Will the dog be left alone? 

21-Will you be using a crate or closing off an area to keep the dog contained while you are gone? 

22-What is your household activity level? (lots of company, kids events, etc: or low key, quiet)

23-How often do you travel?                     

24-Do you have someone to care for the dog if you do travel?            

Is this someone you can trust to take the dog if something happens to you?

25-If so, please provide that person's contact information as a personal reference.  
(you may use an email address if you wish)

26-Please provide current  or previous veterinarian contact information.

27-Can you afford to care for a dog? (please consider any vet bills, food, grooming, boarding etc)

28-There is an adoption donation fee of $275.00 dollars.  When accepting the dog do you
understand that you would agree to pay this?

29-We encourage all new adoptee's to attend training classes (even if you have owned dogs 
before).  Are you wiling to do this? 

30-Home visits are done prior to adoption and after. Would you object to this?

31-How did you hear of Yellow Brick Road Rescue? 

32-Do you understand that completing this form does not guarantee approval for adoption?

33-If accepted for adoption, you will be required to sign an adoption contract agreeing 
to specific conditions ((i.e. allowing Yellow Brick Road to visit your home after the adoption, 
understanding there are penalties to violating contract agreement etc.) Are you willing to 
sign the agreement?

34-Have you contacted your home owners insurance regarding the purchase of this dog? 

We will get back to you ASAP! Please understand that this can be a bit time 
consuming.  Your patience is truly appreciated. If you do not hear back in 3 days, 
feel free to send an e-mail to check on the status of your application : )

Please Send Completed Adoption Application to Dana at the link below.