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                                                                                                                                                                             Boston filled our hearts with joy every day for nearly 5 years.  (His story is still here if you did not have the chance to meet him) His "little big legend" will live on forever !   
 This "little" boy was BIG in every way! Big hearted, big energy, big character and big will! It all started a several years ago when he jumped out of a moving vehicle! He fractured his spine leaving his back legs paralyzed and unable to control his bowel /bladder. His owner was unable to care for him financially or physically so he was surrendered to a rescue, and then another.  
Several rescues later there were just not enough volunteers to give him the extra time and care he needed. His ongoing, demanding physical needs. just become to much of a burden.. so he came here ..and we are so thankful he did! He was a blessing in disguise and a complete joy! Even with his disabilities he was full of such character and life. He never gave up even after several set backs having  strokes and seizures he always bounced back! A full time job we were happy to give to keep him healthy. We tried to get him to use some wheels but he wouldn't have it!  He was determined to use those back legs and would literally crawl out of the braces.......In the end, it was a sudden onset of Pneumonia that took his precious life..  Gone but never forgotten. See ya Buddy! Thanks for everything you never even knew you did for everyone that made you so special!  xo
... Charlie: bone cancer finally took him but NOT without a fight .. the strongest willed dog I have ever met (even more than Boston) Charlie fought to the very end - literally on a day where he could barely stand he was so weak. He heard something outside,  he RAN??  outside to guard the yard as 2 unannounced  strangers approached..he STOOD and held his ground at the gate letting them know on no uncertain term they would NOT enter his domain and he did so until they left....He died later that evening only so proud to have done his job. Another long time sanctuary dog who will be truly missed.Thank you for your loyalty. It was my honor to have the privilege of loving you!.  xo
.There's no place like home !
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"Rainer" (Intake 2008)
 Rainer a true feral dog, trapped in the wild and brought to rescue. Initially it was almost impossible to get near him let alone touch him. He would not eat unless you were completely out of sight. That was many years ago.  He has come along way. Today, he loves to play with all the dogs, easily allows me to trim his nails, goes to dog class, lays on my lap, loves to be pet, plays fetch, and has been a great asset as far as being a buddy when bringing new dogs into rescue/sanctuary. To a degree, he will most likely have somewhat of a shy nature about him with strangers yet he is a sweetheart through & through. He is 14yrs young and a happy healthy dog! 
 A sad case of domestic violence.
 It started by being abused by his owner's husband. Then during a violent assault on the owner by the husband, police were called in to help. In an attempt to reach the severely wounded woman, Ivan's response to defend her ended in being tazzered—twice- then hauled off to a local shelter.  His owner died, but thankfully he was not returned to the husband. Understandably he is untrusting of most people, particularly men.  Due to his history and bad breeding, this normally mild mannered sweet boy does have some residual unpredictable behavior and stress induced physical problems an deemed un-adoptable.  

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Thank you
This Rescue & Sanctuary was founded as a Thank You and Dedication to those forgotten, unwanted, abused,  neglected, abandoned dogs who have made it to our doorsteps and have enriched our lives forever! 
  You, our four legged furry friends are our best teachers in life!  You have taught us to live in the moment, not worry about the future, do what we need to do and move on. Forgive and let go.  Appreciate what is in front of us right now.
     This organization goes out to you, those unsung hero's who have been, are here now or who will be a part of our lives in the future. You will live in our hearts forever! We are truly blessed have been a part of  your life! 

​                                                Koby

Originally from 2 other rescues  who wanted to put him to put him to sleep. I couldn't let that happen. He came here, was adopted out and unfortunately the owner passed away so he came back, adopted out again but it didn't work out so he is back here to stay!  He is a tenacious little man who is an absolute lover to his own people, but is not a fan of strangers. He Loves to be outside exploring the world, inside a complete lap dog who will cuddle and give you his whole heart. 

  Lucky, Will be deeply missed! He was a special boy to all who knew him and even those who only had a  fleeting moment with him could feel a special connection in their hearts.   RIP my friend I will will miss that big head sleeping on my leg and looking into those soft eyes that showed your beautiful soul...Our time together was brief but so meaningful. I know you are running with all your buddies in a big green field pain free. Your name says it all - Lucky - We were the lucky ones to have known & loved you. xo
Day 1

   Yes a Knight in shining armor! This handsome 3 y/o Cane Corso from a previous shelter was confiscated for unfair reasons.. too long of a story to write here but lets just say they missed out on a fantastic gentleman. No worries though, he is in a safe forever home now in sanctuary and will get the love and attention he soooo deserves!  
Day 30

     Prince 18 yrs old                Before & After             Rescue    

                                                                                                                                                   Welcome to our Sanctuary Page! With our discretion,  at times there may be a few dogs shown  on this page that may be available for adoption,  if the special needs can be sufficiently met by a potential adopter. Adoption is always our goal but the needs of the dog always come first. A potential adopter must be physically and financially capable of caring for the dog. Also,  if appropriate a potential adopter  would be required to attend specialized training/handling classes for the dog. 
      A quick note from Dana .....
    It has been a difficult few years as several of the long time sanctuary dogs have crossed the rainbow bridge.....
    SOOO many wonderful dogs have graced us with their presence..I am sad to say there is not nearly enough room on this page to be able to honor all those who have been here, adopted, in sanctuary and or crossed the rainbow bridge. A few of the original dogs are still listed here either just a pic or a pic and bio. They were some of the first dogs in Sanctuary beginning in 2008 as reminders of why this rescue was started and what the mission is and always will be. Over the years "rescue" as a whole in society has changed. Most people want puppies, I have continued to focus on the sanctuary dogs. With sooo many rescues out there & most getting puppies from the south & puppy mills etc many of the old dogs or difficult dogs are being pushed aside. I have always had a soft spot for the older dogs or tougher dogs that no one else wants.  I will take as many as I can for as long as I can..but there is only so much room, energy and finances to go around... I will continue until I cannot do it anymore physically or mentally ..Until you have been in these shoes, you will never know  how difficult life is having to see so many dogs come and go, I don't know how many times a heart can be broken but in rescue/sanctuary it is a test of strength every day and every time you have to say good bye it feels like a piece of you goes with them... 
From this.... this.. all they need is the love of people to care for them not toss them like garbage! 

    Buyers Beware! PLEASE Be careful where you purchase your pets from! NOT all breeders are created Equal .. most are just puppy mill scammers! This poor dog has soo many health issues he will never be adopted. Due to bad breeding, he has conditions that cause him to not have any control over his bowel or bladder, He has permanent deformities in both his front paws and both hind legs. He was kept in deplorable conditions yet he and his litter mates we sold for thousands of dollars!  He is very happy now but due to the many health issues he has he is unlikely to live a very long life. He is the sweetest dog ever and is doing great so far he lives inside (YES even with those messy  issues) and is loved beyond measure now and for as long as he lives!  
Same exact scenario as above with "breeders" goes for these Red Labs as well.. These poor babies will NEVER be healthy enough to have a " normal life" They have  SEVERE cases of Mega Esophagus - They cannot drink water or eat food without throwing up, even with a bailey chair or specially prepared food and medications. Severe genetic cases cannot be fixed. These pups will probably not make it to 3 yrs old.. they were in a litter of 12! The breeder sold the remaining 9 pups (for alot of $$$$$$) without disclosing the information that they too could have this gene... 
    Owner surrender.. tied to a chain most of his life, unsocialized with dogs or people outside of his home, this handsome boy has already learned a lot about life and what its like to have a real home... learning to play and learning that strangers are not a threat to him he is becoming a real sweetheart . When the time is right, he is going to make the right person an unbelievable best friend & life companion


This adorable fluff ball was neglected on so many levels! Even the people who  supposedly "loved" him treated him cruel! It is no wonder he is not comfortable around strangers and even sometimes people he knows! Upon arrival he had a literal hole in his face that went down to the bone and infected as it went untreated by his previous owner for 4 months!  :(  His nails obviously were never trimmed, his dew claws were literallly into his pads of his feet. He is safe here now, loved and spoiled! If some day that special someone comes along that knows how to accept him and love him, then  he will have a forever home of his own. Until then he is perfectly happily spoiled and content here!
No words to describe this little cutie!  (Or why someone would not claim her at 11 years old from the humane society!)  :(  SOOO happy to have her here, She was severely  malnourished, ALL her teeth were rotten (except those front 2!) hair matts stuck to her skin, nails growing into the pads of her feet. afraid of everyone but now loving life and playing like a puppy!  soo much to do for this little one but she is coming along sooo well. She has turned into quite the little princess!     
 Pixie , A toy poodle, severely neglected Puppy mill breeder dog TERRIFIED of the world. Here for Rehab and lots of LOVE!! 

Miss this boy everyday. Spent weeks in the hospital and rehab with no medical explanation of how one day he was fine and the next he was completely paralyzed. After trying everything possible, we had to say goodbye as his body could not continue to fight. Our hearts are broken beyond repair :(
                      Pictures exactly once month apart! 
 A little TLC  can go along way!!!! Such a loving boy! 
If only his owner would have taken the time to help him  :(   
Red Lab 
 Special Needs​ 

Another Before & After.. no words :( .. approx. 14 yrs old, the black in the before pictures was dried blood from tumors no one bothered to treat, too graphic to display here but obviously he cleaned cleaned up well and became a VERY loved and happy boy!
Shatsy 13 yo GSD was adopted from us 12 yrs ago!  owner sadly passed but we are grateful to have her here to love again until they meet again