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 Babe (aka Snow White)
(Intake 2010)

This 11 yr old beauty was an owner surrender and is as special  as she is beautiful! She is the "mom" to all the other dogs. She is no doubt the Alpha female and she has made it her job to show everyone the rules! She is also the great protector the smaller dogs!   
 Boston filled our hearts with joy every day for nearly 5 years.  (His story is still here if you did not have the chance to meet him) His "little big legend" will live on forever !   
 This "little" boy was BIG in every way! Big hearted, big energy, big character and big will! It all started a several years ago when he jumped out of a moving vehicle! He fractured his spine leaving his back legs paralyzed and unable to control his bowel /bladder. His owner was unable to care for him financially or physically so he was surrendered to a rescue, and then another.  
Several rescues later there were just not enough volunteers to give him the extra time and care he needed. His ongoing, demanding physical needs. just become to much of a burden.. so he came here ..and we are so thankful he did! He was a blessing in disguise and a complete joy! Even with his disabilities he was full of such character and life. He never gave up even after several set backs having  strokes and seizures he always bounced back! A full time job we were happy to give to keep him healthy. We tried to get him to use some wheels but he wouldn't have it!  He was determined to use those back legs and would literally crawl out of the braces.......In the end, it was a sudden onset of Pneumonia that took his precious life..  Gone but never forgotten. See ya Buddy! Thanks for everything you never even knew you did for everyone that made you so special!  xo
... Charlie: bone cancer finally took him but NOT without a fight .. the strongest willed dog I have ever met (even more than Boston) Charlie fought to the very end - literally on a day where he could barely stand he was so weak. He heard something outside,  he RAN??  outside to guard the yard as 2 unannounced  strangers approached..he STOOD and held his ground at the gate letting them know on no uncertain term they would NOT enter his domain and he did so until they left....He died later that evening only so proud to have done his job. Another long time sanctuary dog who will be truly missed.Thank you for your loyalty. It was my honor to have the privilege of loving you!.  xo
.There's no place like home !
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"Rainer" (Intake 2009)
9 yrs old now Rainer was a true feral dog, trapped in the wild and brought to rescue. Initially it was almost impossible to get near him let alone touch him. He would not eat unless you were completely out of sight. That was many years ago.  He has come along way. Today, he loves to play with all the dogs, easily allows me to trim his nails, goes to dog class, lays on my lap, loves to be pet, plays fetch, and has been a great asset as far as being a buddy when bringing new dogs into rescue/sanctuary. To a degree, he will most likely have somewhat of a shy nature about him yet he is a sweetheart through & through.
Unfortunatley this past year he has developed an uncommon type gum disease . We are working with the Vetrinarian to determine exactly what  it is and how we can treat it most effectively! Otherwise he is a happy healthy dog! 
                                                                                                  Ivan  (Intake 2010)
 A sad case of domestic violence.
 It started by being abused by his owner's husband. Then during a violent assault on the owner by the husband, police were called in to help. In an attempt to reach the severely wounded woman, Ivan's response to defend her ended in being tazzered—twice- then hauled off to a local shelter.  His owner died, but thankfully he was not returned to the husband. Understandably he is untrusting of most people, particularly men.  Due to his history and bad breeding, this normally mild mannered sweet boy does have some residual unpredictable behavior and stress induced physical problems an deemed un-adoptable.  

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Thank you
This Rescue & Sanctuary was founded as a Thank You and Dedication to those forgotten, unwanted, abused,  neglected, abandoned dogs who have made it to our doorsteps and have enriched our lives forever! 
  You, our four legged furry friends are our best teachers in life!  You have taught us to live in the moment, not worry about the future, do what we need to do and move on. Forgive and let go.  Appreciate what is in front of us right now.
     This organization goes out to you, those unsung hero's who have been, are here now or who will be a part of our lives in the future. You will live in our hearts forever! We are truly blessed have been a part of  your life! 
               Tess (Intake 2011)
 A 12 yr old  female Belgian Malinois who thinks she is 2!  Malinois are known for their tenacity and work ethic and Tess is no different. She is Schutzhund trained and will do anything for a ball! Even at this age, she can leap 6 feet in the air effortlessly!  When she is not in work mode (which is rare) she will sit in your lap and swoon you into giving her belly rubs!   

  Lucky crossed the                                                  the rainbow bridge in July  2012. He will be deeply missed! He was a special boy to all who knew him and even those who only had a  fleeting moment with him could feel a special connection in their hearts.   RIP my friend I will will miss that big head sleeping on my leg and looking into those soft eyes that showed your beautiful soul...Our time together was brief but so meaningful. I know you are running with all your buddies in a big green field pain free. Your name says it all - Lucky - We were the lucky ones to have known & loved you. xo
Day 1
Day 30
        Diamond (Intake 2012)
8 yr old GSD.  Such a loving Boy!   Special needs for  Seizures. But that doesn't stop him from playing .. all day!!   He loves to play with other dogs and if he can find a few large rocks or roots to dig up?? well, that will make his day!   
 Roger (Intake 2013) Quirky yet most lovable personality ever! What a  little character! A very vocal and strong willed Cairn Terrier. Now 13 years young this  little rebel can melt you with that flirty face any day of the week.  A little "rough around the edges" with strangers but once he is your man.. he is your man forever!!  Even now with his near complete blindness, he has no problem letting all the dogs who is really running the show!  
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As her age starts to catch up with her,  she takes a short break .. but she is always alert and ready to go! She gets more beautiful with age doesn't she! Such an unbelievably awesome dog! 
Due to her owners unfortunate change of health and financial circumstances this sweet blind 14 year old girl had to be surrendered. She is a love bug and loves to nap by the fire but don't let her age fool you, she still has a lot of spunk!  We just love her and are happy to help give her a forever home.  

These two beauties tragically lost their very loving owner not once but TWICE  in their life times, both cases sadly much too soon. These 13 yr old ladies have been together their entire life so after all they have been through we have decided to let them live out their remaining golden years together. They are the most gentle and friendly GSD's you could ever meet. They were lucky to have such loving families prior to coming to us and we are honored to help them.     
        Mischa                         Jasmine

    9 yo Boxer  Had some resource guarding
 issues with his original owners who did
 have him for 8 years...  Although we have
 not had any issues with him, Getting up   there in age for a Boxer, he will live out his   life happy here in sanctuary in a comfy   bed  and playing with his favorite toy - a   King sized Kong! 

    Benny 10 yr old Chesapeake mix                          (Intake 2011)
OH Benny Boy! Benny many years ago was an owner surrender due to aggression. He has been adopted out and returned several times due to his "dominant"  behavior. Funny thing is we have never  had any issues with him?  I think he just likes it here so after all these years he is now a permanent sanctuary dog and quite honestly, we are very happy to have him He is a happy and loving dog.. I think he just knows how to get his way !  
Max & Jett, both young GSDs (Intakes 2014)
Although unrelated, The story is the same....Both Owner Surrenders due to aggression. Territorial (like most GSD's they are just doing what is inherent to their breed. not thier fault) Neither of these boys has ever shown any signs of aggression with us. Both  VERY sweet, VERY obedient and VERY Smart!! They have HUGE potential for the right owner.. but for now Sanctuary will have to do until that right person for each comes along....
Nick (Intake 2010) One of our Demo dogs also going strong at 12 yrs young! You would never know now that he was severely abused when he was young. When he came to rescue he would hide in corners & would defficate/urinate on himself if anyone even looked at him let alone approached him- he has made a remarkable come back & is a true hero and a handsome one at that! 
Ian (Intake 2007) Another sad case of sever abuse but put to task came shining through!  This stunning boy has been the face of this rescue for many years to show just what love and hard work can do! There is not enough room on this page to go into the details of these two boys (Nick pic below) Once rehabilitated, They have helped in so many ways, from greeting new dogs, giving training demos, helping to recover lost dogs, attend events, are canine good citizens, service dogs, protection dogs,  i dont think there is anything these two couldn't do! 

Bisou (intake2016) Oh little B! Such a quirky little love! Like Roger her size does not reflect her attitude! She small but mighty!  A bit unpredictable in her behavior which puts her at risk for adoption... just when you think you can trust her ..well.. she lets you know that she still wants to be boss! We love her regardless! And welcome her here forever! 
    Prince 18 yrs old -  Before & After Rescue    and Now Adopted! :)

If  a picture was  worth a thousand words.... 
Intake 8/20/17 Picture below exactly once month later ... TLC can go along way!!!! Not enough room on this page to begin to explain his story, the heartbreak and the care it has taken for this dog to get to this point- worth every second!! He is such a loving boy! If only his owner would have taken the time to help him  :(  He is here now and will be added to our regal heroes' group of saved dogs and will live a "happily ever after" life! 
     "Sweet baby James" Has had a rough go most of his life! As a puppy, he lost one of his back legs in a tragic accident. He has been through a few owners and in the end was given up to be euthanized. Thanks to some very special people this 9 year old boy was able to be saved and taken into rescue/sanctuary. 
Sponsor  James
Sponsor Jax
Not really a fan of strangers, he prefers to pick a favorite human and give  his whole heart. That being said he has found sanctuary here because now he has a human who also can give  a whole heart back to him! 
                                                                                                                                                   Welcome to our Sanctuary Page! With our discretion,  at times there may be a few dogs shown  on this page that may be available for adoption,  if the special needs can be sufficiently met by a potential adopter. Adoption is always our goal but the needs of the dog always come first. A potential adopter must be physically and financially capable of caring for the dog. Also,  if appropriate a potential adopter  would be required to attend specialized training/handling classes for the dog. 

  "Mona" Was given this name from the sounds she makes when you pet her :) Her favorite place to nap is in the flower bed!  This super sweet 14 yr old beagle has been in and out several homes and rescues due to her peeing habits before coming here to stay forever. We are honored to have this Sweetie.                                          Intake 2018
From this....
to this after being  rescued...