Rock’s Positive K-9 Training believes that training should be fun and enhance the relationship between you and your dog! They offer private and group lessons, basic and advanced obedience classes.  Open 7 days a week by appointment only. "Hands on" working seminars for groups, clubs or rescue's is also available.   It is their goal to train the dog owner as well as the dog! They strive to educate people in the proper ways to communicate, care and handle their pets so they may both live a more fulfilling and happy life together.

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Yellow Brick Road Rescue &  Sanctuary
No this is not a Vet office! But if you are not feeling well and cant do the things you want and need to with your dog well then you need help and they are just the people to do it! For the past 25 years Dr. Jim has have been working to help change lives by promoting a healthy lifestyle of living through education, regular Chiropractic adjustments, healthy eating, proper supplementation, healthy exercise and stress reduction, management and awareness.  Understanding what a healthy lifestyle really is can make disease and reliance on medications unnecessary.
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Promoting Healthier Pets through Proper Nutrition.
Specializing in a wide variety of high quality holistic, traditional, raw dog and cat foods, pet supplies, and miscellaneous educational and professional services. They have nutritional counselors and a certified herbalist on staff.  
They really do care about your pets!

What makes Animal Doctor stand out among other small animal practices?
True Holistic Health - They have been doing Natural pet care for years! 
 It's not just a  "fad"
check em out! 

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The dogs love her. She is very caring and takes her time.  So great to have her come right to your home for all your pet needs. Specially if you have elderly or injured pets who have a hard time geting in and out of the car. Serving Mukwonago, Muskego, Big Bend, New Berlin, Hales Corners and surrounding areas. 
(262) 424 3641
Dr Allyson Doerflinger
Doerflinger Vetrinarian Services
                                          Calhoun Clippers 
                            Located in Muskego- Linda is awesome! Experienced,  caring and can handle any dog! Accepts all dog breeds and cats!
  20+ years grooming  experience - you wont be dissapointed! 
                                            (262) 679-8630