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Yellow Brick Road Rescue & Sanctuary
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       This Rescue & Sanctuary was founded as a Thank You and Dedication to                those forgotten, unwanted, abused, scared, neglected, abandoned dogs who have made it to our doorsteps and have enriched our lives forever! 
  You are our best teachers in life!  You have taught us to live in the moment, Forgive and let go.  Appreciate what is in front of us right now. This organization goes out to you, those unsung hero's who have been, are here now or who will be a part of our lives in the future. You will live in our hearts forever! We are truly blessed have been a part of  your life! 
If you woulk like to help by making a monetary donation, Please click on the link in the top left corner of this page. There are many other ways to help too - Foster a dog? Email us with a request :) Donating new or slightly used items. We go through an abundance of Food, treats, bones, and various supplies such as cleaning items, bleach, laundry soap, garbage bags, paper towels, bath towels, blankets, mops, preventative supplements such as Heart Guard, Natural flea & tick repellant, Glucosamine, first aid supplies, triple antibiotic ointment, hydrogen peroxide, grooming items, nail clippers, other items include collars, leashes, toys, large plastic or metal crates. just to name a few!  Donations of these types are always appreciated.
If you have found a dog that just melts your heart, reminds you of one of your own present or past, and feel a need to help ...why not sponsor one ? 
You can make any type of donation you wish. Once or ongoing. For any length of time or just once.  Any amount or specific item of your choice!  Please click on the donate and /or contact us page and specify which dog you are interested in sponsoring. We will apply any & all donations specifically to the care and maintenance of that dog. You may also contact us so we can help clarify what is most appropriately needed for the dog you choose.  He/she may be on special food, require special equipment, etc. Or you just might want to get something special and surprise him! 
       No matter what you decide, your help is always appreciated and you will be making one of our furry friends very happy!  
HERE'S A GREAT WAY TO HELP...for everyone!   How about get a group of coworkers to sponsor a dog or maybe your place of employment would like to sponsor a dog or a fundraiser to promote their business? Sponsoring a dog in a friend or loved ones name also makes a very special gift!
Help Yellow Brick Road Rescue or Sanctuary Dogs Every  Time You Shop or Search the Internet!  It's easy, you do have to "sign up" but once you do, copy the shortcut to your desk top and it's a breeze to shop! Shop using iGive, up to 26% of your purchase at over 800 great stores is automatically donated to Your Favorite Cause. We hope you choose us :)
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